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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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LiveConnected Navigator Plug-Ins

H.3 Live3D

The Live3D plug-in displays VRML worlds. In order to use it, you will have to understand VRML technology. The API consists of the following ten methods and two callbacks:

AnimateObject(obj, url)

Animate the object obj using the animation file specified by url. Supported animation formats include VUEformat from Autodesk.


Delete the specfied object obj from the scene graph.

GotoViewPoint(viewpoint, frames)

Move the virtual camera to the named viewpoint. Animate the move using the number of frames specified by frames.


Hide the specified object obj.

LoadScene(url, frame)

Load a new scene from the specified url into the specified frame. If frame is null, then the scene is loaded into the current frame.

MorphObject(obj, num_vertices, coordinates, frames, morphtype)

This method morphs the object obj by interpolating its vertices onto those specified by coordinates. The interpolation is animated over the number of frames specified by frames. The morphtype argument specifies what type of morph should be performed. It should be one of "ONCE", "BACKFORTH", or "LOOP".


This is not a method but an event handler. It is invoked when an anchor within the 3D scene is clicked.


This event handler is invoked whenver the mouse moves within the Live3D plug-in window.


This method load the specified url as the background image for the current scene. Various image formats are supported, including PNG, RGB, GIF, JPEG, BMP and RAS.

SetAnchorObject(obj, url)

Sets the "anchor" or hypertext link of the specified object obj to the specified url.


Makes the specified object obj visible.

SpinObject(obj, pitch, yaw, roll, local)

This method spins the specified object obj. The pitch, yaw, and roll arguments are Boolean values that specify which axes the object should be rotated around. If local is false, then the rotation occurs in world coordinate space; otherwise it occurs around the geometric center of the object.

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