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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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F. Persistent Client State: HTTP Cookies

Author's note: This appendix contains the complete text of the HTTP Cookie specification from Netscape. This document can also be found at:

It is a "preliminary specification", and, as such, is subject to change. Because it is "preliminary" Netscape warns that it should be used "with caution". Since the specification was originally written, however, the use of cookies has become commonplace, and the details described here are much more stable than they were when this specification was first written. While this specification constitutes the "final word" on cookies, it is aimed at CGI programmers and at the implementors of web servers and browsers. The JavaScript interface to cookies is described in Chapter 15, Saving State with Cookies.

F.1 Copyright

This document Copyright © 1997 Netscape Communications Corp. All rights reserved. No portion of this document may be reprinted or copied without the express written permission of Netscape.


This is a preliminary specification--use with caution.

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