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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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JavaScript Incompatibilities in Internet Explorer 3.0

D.4 Object Model Differences

There are a few other differences in support for HTML and browser objects in Navigator and Internet Explorer 3.0:

  • The Window.open() method does not correctly load the argument specified in the first argument in IE 3.0. This same bug exists for some platforms in Navigator 2.0. The workaround is to first open a new window and then load the desired document by setting the location property. Also, the Window.name property is read-only in IE 3.0.

  • The Document.open() method in IE 3.0 ignores the MIME type argument, if any is passed. It assumes that all documents are of type "text/html".

  • IE 3.0 records cookies only when the document is loaded via the http: protocol. Documents loaded from the local disk (as they commonly are when being developed or tested) cannot use cookies.

  • The blur() method of form elements behaves differently (and probably more sensibly) in IE 3.0 that it does in Navigator. The difference is detailed in the "Element.blur()" reference entry.

  • The History.go() method can only move backward or forward a single step at a time in IE 3.0, and the History.length property always returns 0.

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