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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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A. JavaScript Resources on the Internet

There are quite a few web sites that are useful to JavaScript programmers. This appendix lists some of the highlights.

A.1 Official Netscape Documentation

The official JavaScript documentation from Netscape can be found in the online Netscape Navigator Handbook. You can get there by selecting the Handbook entry in the Help menu of Netscape Navigator and following the links to the JavaScript documentation.

The official JavaScript documentation is titled The JavaScript Guide, and in Navigator 3.0, you can link to it directly at:

This URL is likely to change for future versions of Navigator, however.

You are unlikely to find anything in the Navigator 3.0 version of this JavaScript documentation that you cannot also find in this book. As the JavaScript documentation is updated during the Navigator 4.0 beta cycle, you may find it quite useful, however.

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