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World Wide Web Quiz

Who is credited with the invention of the World Wide Web? WWW was created at CERN The inventor now works for W3C at MIT Tim Berners-Lee You got it! You do know the history behind the Web Sorry. Marc was the project leader for Mosaic at NCSA. He currently works for Netscape Communications Corp. I guess you do not know how the Web got started. Common! At least guess! Which of the following WWW browsers does not support graphics? Mosaic Netscape Navigator WebExplorer Lynx Arena Cello D It was developed at the University of Kansas Mosaic was the first graphic browser. Netscape is the most used browser on the market. It supports:
         In-Line JPEG Images
Client Pull and Server Push Animations
I guess you don't surf the Web regularly. Come on! Are you scared of being wrong?
Now, this is an easy question. You have to get this one right!
Which language is preferred for CGI applications? Perl Tcl C/C++ C Shell Visual Basic AppleScript A Good! Perl is well suited for CGI applications. In fact, this program was written in Perl. I believe you don't know the answer! What? You don't know the answer to this question!