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National Basketball Association (NBA) Trivia

All of the following players won the regular season MVP, and playoff MVP in the same year, except for: Larry Bird Jerry West Earvin Magic Johnson Hakeem Olajuwon Michael Jordan B Bird actually accomplished the feat in two separate seasons.
         1984  Regular Season MVP      Finals MVP
1986 Regular Season MVP Finals MVP
West was awesome, but they did not have a playoff MVP in his day How could you choose Bird, Magic, Michael, or Hakeem? At least guess.
Who is the only NBA player to get a triple-double by halftime? He actually did it two times: once against Milwaukee, and once against Washinton Larry Bird You got it! He was quite awesome! Sorry. Magic was just as awesome as Larry, but he never got a triple-double by halftime. I guess you are not a Celtics Fan. At least guess. Now, this is an easy question. If you follow basketball, you should know the answer to this one. Which player scored 100 points in one game Michael Jordan Magic Johnson Larry Bird Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Wilt Chamberlain Bill Russell Jerry West E He also owns the record for most rebounds in a game: 55 At least guess. Air is quite an unbelievable scorer, but he never scored more than 69 points Yes! Wilt was a machine. He owns a lot of records, including a season average of 50.4 points. Better catch up on the NBA history!