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How to Use This Book

This section refers to conventions used in the print book and explains how they were modified for the online version. The numbers in the following images correspond to the lists below them.

  1. Summary Boxes: You'll see gray shaded summary boxes all through the book. (On the CD, the Summary Boxes are bordered sidebars with the title "Summary Box.") They summarize a topic and point you to articles with examples and further explanation.
  2. Article/Section Number: The first two digits indicate in which chapter the article resides; the last two digits indicate the number of the article within that chapter. The article number is used to refer to this article in all cross-references throughout the book. (On the CD, Article numbers correspond to Section numbers.)
  3. Cross-Reference in a Sentence: To find out more about the topic displayed in gray type (On the CD, this text is displayed in boldface.), see the article referenced by the number in parentheses immediately following the term.
  4. Cross-Reference in a Code Example. When a cross-reference occurs in an example, the cross-referenced text and related article number appear in the left margin. (On the CD, these cross-references appear above the code example.)
  5. Globe: If you don't want to type this script into a file yourself, or if we're talking about a C program that isn't shown, you can download it from the book's web site. See the Preface for full details on the content available for download. (Online version available at http://examples.oreilly.com/upt3)
  6. Screw: Be careful with this feature, or you might get screwed.
  7. Pushpin: A note to keep in mind, or a helpful tip.
  8. Bomb: A bomb icon in the margin is a cross-reference to another article that explains the possible trouble you might encounter using the tip or script in the current article. (You can think of the bomb as a cross-referenced screw.) (On the CD, the Bomb appears above the paragraph it refers to.)
  9. Author's Initials: The author's full name is listed in the Preface.

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