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22.6. Miscellaneous sort Hints

Here is a grab bag of useful, if not exactly interesting, sort features. The utility will actually do quite a bit, if you let it.

22.6.1. Dealing with Repeated Lines

sort -u sorts the file and eliminates duplicate lines. It's more powerful than uniq (Section 21.20) because:

  • It sorts the file for you; uniq assumes that the file is already sorted and won't do you any good if it isn't.

  • It is much more flexible. sort -u considers lines "unique" if the sort fields (Section 22.2) you've selected match. So the lines don't even have to be (strictly speaking) unique; differences outside of the sort fields are ignored.

In return, there are a few things that uniq does that sort won't do -- such as print only those lines that aren't repeated, or count the number of times each line is repeated. But on the whole, I find sort -u more useful.

Here's one idea for using sort -u. When I was writing a manual, I often needed to make tables of error messages. The easiest way to do this was to grep the source code for printf statements, write some Emacs (Section 19.1) macros to eliminate junk that I didn't care about, use sort -u to put the messages in order and get rid of duplicates, and write some more Emacs macros to format the error messages into a table. All I had to do then was write the descriptions.

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