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4.18. Running Commands at Bourne/Korn Shell Logout

Section 4.17 describes logout files. Commands in those files are run when you log out. The Bourne and Korn shells don't have a logout file, though. Here's how to make one:

  1. In your .profile file, add the line:

    trap Section 35.17, . Section 35.29

    trap '. $HOME/.sh_logout; exit' 0

    (Some systems may need $LOGDIR instead of $HOME.)

  2. Make a file in your home directory named .sh_logout. Put in the commands you want to be run when you log out. For example:

    ifSection 35.13, [ -f Section 35.26

    if [ -f $HOME/todo.tomorrow ]
        echo "=========== STUFF TO DO TOMORROW: ============"
        cat $HOME/todo.tomorrow

The trap will read the .sh_logout file when the shell exits.

--JP and SJC

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