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13.2. Predefined String Names

BUBullet; same as \(bu.
CiList of indents for table-of-contents levels.

Current date, unless overridden. Month, day, year (e.g., January 1, 2000).


Em dash string (em dash in troff and a double hyphen in nroff).

FFootnote number generator.

Fonts used for each level of heading (1 = roman, 2 = italic, 3 = bold).

HPPoint size used for each level of heading.
LeTitle set for “LIST OF EQUATIONS.”
LfTitle set for “LIST OF FIGURES.”
LtTitle set for “LIST OF TABLES.”
LxTitle set for “LIST OF EXHIBITS.”
RESCCS release and level of mm.
RfReference number generator.
RpTitle for “REFERENCES.”

Trademark string. Places the letters “TM” in a smaller point size, one-half line above the text it follows.

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