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12.5. Group Summary of Requests

As an aid to finding the right request for a particular task, the 85 nroff/troff requests are listed below by subject.

12.5.1. Character Output

.cuContinuous underline/italicize.
.lgLigature mode.
.trTranslate characters.
.ufSet font for underlining.

12.5.2. Conditional Processing

.elElse portion of if-else.
.ieIf portion of if-else.
.ifIf statement.

12.5.3. Customizing n/troff Requests

.c2Set no-break control character.
.ccSet control character.
.ecSet escape character.
.eoTurn off escape character.
.hcSet hyphenation character.
.pcSet page character.

12.5.4. Diagnostic Output

.abPrint a message, then abort.
.flFlush output buffer.
.igSuppress (ignore) text in output.
.lfSet line number and filename.
.mcSet the margin character.
.pmPrint name and size of macros.
.tmPrint a message, then continue.

12.5.8. Input/Output Switching

.cfCopy raw file to output.
.exExit from nroff/troff.
.nxGo to a file.
.piPipe output to a Unix command.
.rdRead from the terminal.
.soGo to a file, then return.
.syExecute a Unix command.

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