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12.2. Command-Line Invocation

nroff and troff are invoked from the command line as follows:

nroff  [options]  [files]

troff  [options]  [files]

Many of the options are the same for both formatters.

12.2.1. nroff/troff Options

Search for font tables in directory dir.

Read standard input after files are processed.

Prepend a macro file to input files. Historically, one of /usr/lib/tmac/tmac.name or /usr/share/lib/tmac/tmac.name were the locations of the macros for name. Solaris uses /usr/share/lib/tmac/name. The actual location and filename(s) vary among different Unix systems.

First output page has page number N.

Print pages contained only in the comma-separated list. Page ranges can be specified as nm, -m (first page through m), or n- (n through end of file).

Set register a to N. The register a is restricted to one-character names.

Stop every n pages. This allows changing a paper cassette. Resume by pressing Return (in nroff) or by pressing the start button on the typesetter (in troff).

Prepare output designed for printer or typesetter name. For device names, see your specific documentation or a local expert.

The font in position 3 is overstruck N times. Typically used to adjust the weight of the bold font.

Discard output except messages generated by .tm request (otroff only).

12.2.2. nroff-Only Options

When justifying output lines, space words equally (using terminal resolution instead of full space increments).

Hasten output by replacing eight horizontal spaces with a tab.

Invoke simultaneous input/output of .rd requests.

12.2.3. troff-Only Options

Format a printable ASCII approximation. Useful for finding page counts without producing printed output.

Don't stop the typesetter when formatting is done (otroff only).

Run as nroff instead of as troff (recent versions of ditroff only).

12.2.4. Examples

Run chap1 through the tbl preprocessor, then format the result using the mm macros, with register N set to 5 (sets the page-numbering style), etc.:

tbl chap1 | troff -mm -rN5 | spooler &

Format chap2 using the ms macros; the first page is 7, but print only pages 8–10, 15, and 18 through the end of the file:

nroff -ms -n7 -o8-10,15,18- chap2 | col > chap2.txt &

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