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11.8. Group Listing of awk Functions and Commands

The following table classifies awk functions and commands.

Arithmetic FunctionsString FunctionsControl Flow StatementsI/O ProcessingTime FunctionsProgramming
atan2 [12]gensub [13]breakclose [12]strftime [13]delete [12]
cos [12]gsub [12]continuefflush [14]systime [13]function [12]
expindexdo/while [12]getline [12] system [12]
logmatch [12]fornextfile [14] 
rand [12]splitifprint 
sin [12]sprintfreturn [12]printf 
sqrtsub [12]while 
srand [12]substr 
 tolower [12] 
 toupper [12] 

[12]Available in nawk.

[13]Available in gawk.

[14]Available in Bell Labs awk and gawk.

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