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1.2. Bundling

Another issue affecting Unix systems is the idea of bundling. Unix has many features--sometimes more than you need to use. Nowadays, Unix systems are often split, or bundled, into various component packages. Some components are included automatically in the system you buy; others are optional; you get them only if you pay extra. Bundling allows you to select only the components you need. Typical bundling includes the following:

Basic system
Basic commands and utilities

Compilers, debuggers, and libraries

Text processing
troff, macros, and related tools

Graphical user interfaces such as OPEN LOOK, Motif, and CDE--the Common Desktop Environment

Bundling depends on the vendor. For example, Solaris comes with text-processing tools. For others, they are an extra-cost option. Similarly, some vendors ship compilers, and others don't.

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