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3.7. Managing Groups

NetInfo stores information about groups in its /groups directory. This is different from the /etc/group file, which is consulted only in single-user mode.

To list all of the group IDs (GIDs) and group names for the local domain, invoke nireport with the NetInfo domain (., the local domain), the directory (/groups), and the properties you want to inspect--in this case, gid and name:

% nireport . /groups gid name
-2      nobody
-1      nogroup
0       wheel
1       daemon
2       kmem
3       sys
4       tty
5       operator
6       mail
7       bin
20      staff
25      smmsp
31      guest
45      utmp
66      uucp
68      dialer
69      network
70      www
74      mysql
75      sshd
80      admin
99      unknown
TIP: Although the flat file format is called group (after the /etc/group file), the NetInfo group directory is /groups. If you forget that last s, NetInfo will look for the wrong directory.

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