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48. Office Automation

48.1 Well, What Else Could We Call It?

OK, so maybe the articles in this chapter don't really talk about office automation, but they do talk about things of interest to office workers - things that don't have much to do with computers, but rather with the kinds of things that people wanted the computers for in the first place. Things like:

  • Maintaining an online phone and address database (48.2 ) .

  • A simple scratchpad (48.3 ) .

  • Reminding yourself of your appointments with calendar (48.4 ) , or even just when it's time to leave (48.5 ) .

  • Printing out calendars for any date (articles 48.6 , 48.7 , and 48.8 ) including a super-duper one that includes all your appointments (article 48.9 ).

  • Maintaining simple databases with awk (48.10 ) or index (48.11 , 48.12 ) .

If you're looking for office tools, also be sure to check out sc (49.8 ) and ipl (49.9 ) in the next chapter.


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