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Thanks to Yosef Gold for letting me share his office, allowing me to work efficiently and productively. Deb Cameron revised Chapter 7 . Thanks to Gigi Estabrook at O'Reilly & Associates for her help and support. Thanks also to Frank Willison for managing the project.

Good reviewers make for good books, even though they also make for more work for the author. I would like to thank Glenn Barry (Sun Microsystems) for a number of helpful comments. Nelson H. F. Beebe (University of Utah Department of Mathematics) went through the book with a fine-tooth comb; it is greatly improved for his efforts. A special thanks to Brian Kernighan (Bell Labs) for his review and comments. The troff -related chapters in particular benefited from his authority and expertise, as did the rest of the book (not to mention much of Unix!). Nelson H. F. Beebe, Dennis Ritchie (Bell Labs), and Peter H. Salus (Unix historian and author) provided considerable help in putting together the Bibliography.

Finally, much thanks to my wonderful wife Miriam; without her love and support this project would not have been possible.

Arnold Robbins
Nof Ayalon, ISRAEL
April 1999

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