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15.2 Predefined Strings

Items marked with a dagger ([dagger]) appear in more recent versions of the me macros. You will need to double-check them on your system.

* Footnote number, incremented by .)f macro
# Delayed text number
[ Superscript; move up and shrink type size
] Undo superscript
< Subscript; move down and shrink type size
> Undo subscript
- 3/4 em dash
dw Day of week, as a word
mo Month, as a word

Today's date, in the form January 20, 1999 .

lq Left quote mark
rq Right quote mark
$n [dagger]

Section name

' [dagger]

Acute accent

` [dagger]

Grave accent

qa [dagger]

For all

qe [dagger]

There exists

, [dagger]


: [dagger]


^ [dagger]


o [dagger]

Circle (e.g., for Scandinavian [aolig]). Usage is A\*o .

v [dagger]

Inverted "v" for Czech [czeck-ve]. Usage is e\*v .

{ [dagger]

Begin superscript

} [dagger]

End superscript

~ [dagger]


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