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13.5 Sample Document

.ND "April 1, 1999"
Whizprog \- The Be All and End All Program
.AF "Wizard Corp."
.ds XX "012 Binary Road, Programmer's Park, NJ 98765-4321"
.AU "J. Programmer" "" XX
.AT "Coder, Extraordinaire"
.\" Abstract
.AS 1
This memorandum discusses the design and
implementation of
.I whizprog ,
the next generation of really
.B cool
do-it-all programs.
.\" Released paper
.MT 4
.H 1 Requirements
The following requirements were identified. ...
.H 1 Analysis
Here is what we determined. ...
.H 1 Design
After much popcorn, we arrived at the
following design. ...
.H 1 Implementation
After more popcorn and lots of Jolt Cola, we
.I whizprog
using ...
.H 1 Conclusions
We're ready to blow the socks off the market!

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