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12.5 Group Summary of Requests

As an aid to finding the right request for a particular task, the 85 nroff /troff requests are listed below by subject.

12.5.1 Character Output

.cu Continuous underline/italicize.
.lg Ligature mode.
.tr Translate characters.
.uf Set font for underlining.
.ul Underline/italicize.

12.5.2 Conditional Processing

.el Else portion of if-else.
.ie If portion of if-else.
.if If statement.

12.5.3 Customizing n/troff Requests

.c2 Set no-break control character.
.cc Set control character.
.ec Set escape character.
.eo Turn off escape character.
.hc Set hyphenation character.
.pc Set page character.

12.5.4 Diagnostic Output

.ab Print a message, then abort.
.fl Flush output buffer.
.ig Suppress (ignore) text in output.
.lf Set line number and filename.
.mc Set the margin character.
.pm Print name and size of macros.
.tm Print a message, then continue.

12.5.5 Font and Character Size

.bd Embolden font.
.cs Set constant-width spacing.
.fp Mount font (on positions 1-4).
.ft Set font.
.ps Set point size.
.ss Set character spacing.

12.5.6 Horizontal Positioning

.in Indent.
.ll Set line length.
.lt Set length of title.
.po Change page offset.
.ti Indent next line.
.tl Specify three-part title.

12.5.7 Hyphenation

.hw Set hard-coded hyphenation.
.hy Set hyphenation mode.
.nh Turn off hyphenation.

12.5.8 Input/Output Switching

.cf Copy raw file to output.
.ex Exit from nroff /troff .
.nx Go to a file.
.pi Pipe output to a Unix command.
.rd Read from the terminal.
.so Go to a file, then return.
.sy Execute a Unix command.

12.5.9 Line Numbering

.nm Line-numbering mode.
.nn Don't number lines.

12.5.10 Macro and String Processing

.am Append to a macro.
.as Append to a string.
.ch Change trap position.
.da Divert text; append to a macro.
.de Define a macro.
.di Divert text to a macro.
.ds Define a string.
.dt Set a diversion trap.
.em Set the ending macro.
.ev Change environment.
.it Set trap for input line counting.
.rm Remove macro, request, or string.
.rn Rename macro, request, or string.
.wh Set a page trap.

12.5.11 Number Registers

.af Assign a format to a register.
.nr Define a number register.
.rr Remove a number register.

12.5.12 Pagination

.bp Begin a new page.
.mk Mark vertical position.
.ne Keep lines on same page if there's room.
.pl Set page length.
.pn Set page number.
.rt Return to marked vertical place.

12.5.13 Tabs

.fc Set a field delimiter and a pad character.
.lc Set leader character.
.ta Define tab settings.
.tc Set tab character.

12.5.14 Text Adjustments

.ad Adjust margins.
.br Break the output line.
.ce Center lines.
.fi Fill lines.
.na Don't adjust margins.
.nf Don't fill lines.

12.5.15 Vertical Spacing

.ls Line spacing (e.g., single-spaced).
.ns Enable no-space mode.
.os Output vertical space from .sv .
.rs Restore spacing mode.
.sp Output blank spacing.
.sv Save (store) spacing.
.vs Set vertical spacing for lines.

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