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8.2 Movement Commands

A number preceding a command repeats the movement. Movement commands are also objects for change, delete, and yank operations.

8.2.1 Character

h , j , k , l Left, down, up, right (<-, -v, -^, ->).
Spacebar Right.

8.2.2 Text

w , W , b , B Forward, backward by word.
e , E End of word.
) , ( Beginning of next, current sentence.
} , { Beginning of next, current paragraph.
]] , [[ Beginning of next, current section.

8.2.3 Lines

0 , $ First, last position of current line.
^ First nonblank character of current line.
+ , - First character of next, previous line.
Return First character of next line.
n | Column n of current line.
H Top line of screen.
M Middle line of screen.
L Last line of screen.
n H n lines after top line.
n L n lines before last line.

8.2.4 Screens

CTRL-F Scroll forward, backward one screen.
CTRL-D Scroll down, up one-half screen.
CTRL-E Show one more line at bottom, top of window.
z Return Reposition line with cursor to top of screen.
z. Reposition line with cursor to middle of screen.
z- Reposition line with cursor to bottom of screen.
CTRL-L Redraw screen (without scrolling).

8.2.5 Searches

/ text Search forward for text .
n Repeat previous search.
N Repeat search in opposite direction.
/ Repeat forward search.
? Repeat previous search backward.
? text Search backward for text .
/ text /+ n Go to line n after text .
? text ?- n Go to line n before text .
% Find match of current parenthesis, brace, or bracket.
f x Move search forward to x on current line.
F x Move search backward to x on current line.
t x Search forward to character before x in current line.
T x Search backward to character after x in current line.
, Reverse search direction of last f , F , t , or T .
; Repeat last character search (f , F , t , or T ).

8.2.6 Line Numbering

CTRL-G Display current line number.
n G Move to line number n .
G Move to last line in file.
: n Move to line number n .

8.2.7 Marking Position

m x Mark current position with character x .
` x Move cursor to mark x .
' x Move to start of line containing x .
`` Return to previous mark (or to location prior to a search).
'' Like above, but return to start of line.

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