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1.6 Solaris: Standard Compliant Programs

There are a number of different standards that specify the behavior of portable programs in a Unix-like environment. POSIX 1003.2 and XPG4 are two of the more widely known ones. Where the behavior specified by a standard differs from the historical behavior provided by a command, Solaris provides a different version of the command in /usr/xpg4/bin . These commands are listed here, but not otherwise covered in this book, as most users typically do not have /usr/xpg4/bin in their search paths. The manual entries for each command discuss the differences between the /usr/bin version and the /usr/xpg4/bin version.

ar ed make rm
awk edit more sccs
basename env nice sed
cp expr nl sort
ctags get nm stty
date grep nohup tail
delta id od tr
df ls pr who
du m4    

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