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1.3 What's in the Quick Reference

This guide presents the major features of generic SVR4, plus a few extras from the compatibility packages and from Solaris 7. In addition, this guide presents chapters on emacs and RCS. Although they are not part of the standard SVR4 distribution, they are found on many Unix systems because they are useful add-ons.

But keep in mind: if your system doesn't include all the component packages, there will be commands in this book you won't find on your system.

The summary of Unix commands in Chapter 2, Unix Commands , makes up a large part of this book. Only user/programmer commands are included; administrative commands are ignored. Chapter 2 describes the following set:

  • Commands and options in SVR4

  • Selected commands from the compatibility packages and from Solaris 7, such as the Java-related tools

  • "Essential" tools for which source and/or binaries are available via the Internet

Solaris users should note that the following commands are either unbundled or unavailable:

cb cc cflow cof2elf
cscope ctrace cxref lprof

Appendix B, Obsolete Commands , describes SVR4 commands that are obsolete. These commands still ship with SVR4 or Solaris, but their functionality has been superseded by other commands or technologies.

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