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rlog [options ] files

Display identification information for RCS files , including the log message associated with each revision, the number of lines added or removed, date of last check-in, etc. With no options, rlog displays all information. Use options to display specific items. rlog accepts the standard options -q , -V , -V n , -T , -x , and -z .



Prune the display; print only about the default branch.

-d dates

Display information for revisions whose check-in timestamp falls in the range of dates (a list separated by semicolons). Be sure to use quotes. Each date can be specified as:

d1  <  d2

Select revisions between date d1 and d2 , inclusive.

d1 <

Select revisions made on or after date1 .

d1 >

Select revisions made on or before date1 .

Timestamp comparisons are strict. If two files have exactly the same time, < and > won't work. Use <= and >= instead.


Display the beginning of the normal rlog listing.

-l [users ]

Display information only about locked revisions or, if users is specified, only about revisions locked by the list of users .


Skip files that aren't locked.


Don't print symbolic names.

-r [list ]

Display information for revisions in the comma-separated list of revision numbers. If no list is given, the latest revision is used. Items can be specified as:


Select revision R1 . If R1 is a branch, select all revisions on it.

R1 .

If R1 is a branch, select its latest revision.

R1 : R2

Select revisions R1 through R2 .

: R1

Select revisions from beginning of branch through R1 .

R1 :

Select revisions from R1 through end of branch.

The - range separator character from RCS versions prior to 5.6 is still valid.


Display only the name of the RCS file.

-s states

Display information for revisions whose state matches one from the comma-separated list of states .


Same as -h , but also display the file's description.

-w [users ]

Display information for revisions checked in by anyone in the comma-separated list of users . If no users are supplied, assume the name of the invoking user.


Display the revision histories of all your RCS files:

rlog RCS/*,v | more

Display names of RCS files that are locked by user daniel .

rlog -R -L -ldaniel RCS/*

Display the "title" portion (no revision history) of a working file:

rlog -t calc.c

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