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prt [options ] files

Solaris only. Format and print the contents of one or more SCCS files. By default, prt prints the delta table (i.e., the version log). The sccsfile (4) manpage describes the contents of SCCS files in detail.



Display entries for all deltas, including removed ones.


Print the body of the SCCS file.

-c date

Exclude entries that are prior to date . Each entry is printed as a single line, preceded by the name of the file. This makes it possible to easily sort multiple version logs.


Print delta table entries. This is the default action.


Print everything. This option implies -d , -i , -f , -t , and -u .


Print the flags for each SCCS file.


Print the SIDs of included, excluded, and ignored deltas.

-r date

Exclude deltas that are newer than date .


Print only the first line (the statistics) of each delta table.


Print the SCCS file's descriptive text.


Print the usernames and/or numerical group IDs of users that are allowed to make changes.

-y [sid ]

Exclude deltas that are older than sid . If no delta in the table matches sid , print the entire table. With no sid , print information for the current delta.

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