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roffbib [options ] [files ]

Print a bibliographic database. roffbib is a shell script that processes the named files (or standard input if no files ) through refer and prints the results as a bibliography. By default, the bibliography is formatted using nroff , use the -Q option to use troff instead.

roffbib accepts the following nroff /troff options and simply passes them to the formatter: -e , -h , -m , -n , -o , -q , -r , -s , and -T . See Chapter 12, nroff and troff , for more details.


-H header

Set the "header" (title) to header . The default is BIBLIOGRAPHY . (This option is in the script, but is not documented.)


Use troff instead of nroff . The page offset is set to one inch.


Typeset for Versatec printer/plotter. While documented in the manpage, this option is not in the script.


Format abstracts or comments in the %X field of a bibliographic reference. Useful for annotated bibliographies. refer does not use the %X field.


Sort a database and print it to a PostScript printer:

sortbib refs | roffbib -Q -x | /usr/lib/lp/postscript/dpost | lp

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