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.LB n m pad type [mark ] [LI-space ] [LB-space ]

List beginning. Allows complete control over list format. Begin each list item in the list with .LI ; end the list with .LE :


Text indent.


Mark indent.


Padding associated with mark.


If 0, use the specified mark . If nonzero, and mark is 1 , A , a , I , or i , the list is automatically numbered or alphabetically sequenced. In this case, type controls how mark is displayed. For example, if mark is currently 1 , type has the following results.

Type Result
1 1.
2 1)
3 (1)
4 [1]
5 <1>
6 {1}


Symbol or text to label each list entry. mark can be null (creates hanging indent); a text string; or 1 , A , a , I , or i to create an automatically numbered or lettered list. See .AL .


Number of blank lines to output between each following .LI macro. Default is 1.


Number of blank lines to output by .LB macro itself. Default is 0.

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