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alias [options ] [name [=' cmd ' ]]

Korn shell only. Assign a shorthand name as a synonym for cmd . If =' cmd ' is omitted, print the alias for name ; if name is also omitted, print all aliases. If the alias value contains a trailing space, the next word on the command line also becomes a candidate for alias expansion. See also unalias .

These aliases are built into ksh88 . Some use names of existing Bourne shell or C shell commands (which points out the similarities among the shells).

autoload='typeset -fu'
false='let 0'
functions='typeset -f'
hash='alias -t'
history='fc -l'
integer='typeset -i'
nohup='nohup '
r='fc -e -'
type='whence -v'

The following aliases are built into ksh93 :

autoload='typeset -fu'
command='command '
float='typeset -E'
functions='typeset -f'
hash='alias -t --'
history='hist -l'
integer='typeset -i'
nameref='typeset -n'
nohup='nohup '
r='hist -s'
redirect='command exec'
stop='kill -s STOP'
times='{ {time;} 2>&1;}'
type='whence -v'



Print the word alias before each alias. ksh93 only.


Create a tracked alias for a Unix command name . The Korn shell remembers the full pathname of the command, allowing it to be found more quickly and to be issued from any directory. If no name is supplied, current tracked aliases are listed. Tracked aliases are the similar to hashed commands in the Bourne shell.


Export the alias; it can now be used in shell scripts and other subshells. If no name is supplied, current exported aliases are listed.


alias dir='echo ${PWD##*/}'

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