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zipinfo [options ] zipfile ... [exclusion option ]

Solaris only. zipinfo prints information about ZIP format archives. The zipfile is a ZIP archive whose filename ends in .zip . The .zip can be omitted from the command line; zipinfo supplies it. zipfile may also be a shell-style wildcard pattern (which should be quoted to protect it from the shell); all matching files in the ZIP archive will be acted upon. See also zip and unzip .

Exclusion Option

-x files

Exclude. Do not extract archive members that match files .



Only list filenames, one per line. Nothing else is printed. For use in shell scripts.


Like -1 , but also permit headers, trailers, and ZIP archive comments (-h , -t , -z ).


Print a header line with the archive name, size in bytes, and total number of files.


Use "long" format. Like -m , but also print the compressed size in bytes, instead of the compression ratio.


Use "Medium" format. Like -s , but also include the compression factor (as a percentage).


Pipe output through the internal pager, which is similar to more . Press the Return key or spacebar at the --More-- prompt to see the next screenful.


Use "short" format, similar to ls -l . This is the default.


Print totals for all files (number of files, compressed and uncompressed sizes, overall compression factor).


Print times and dates in a decimal format (yymmdd . hhmmss ) that can be sorted.


Use verbose, multipage format.


Print the archive comment.

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