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umask [value ]

Print the current value of the file creation mode mask, or set it to value , a three-digit octal code specifying the read-write-execute permissions to be turned off. This is the opposite of chmod . Normally used in .login or .profile . umask is a built-in command in the Bourne, Korn, and C shells (see Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 ).

umask File Directory
Number Permission Permission
0 rw- rwx
1 rw- rw-
2 r-- r-x
3 r-- r--
4 -w- -wx
5 -w- -w-
6 --- --x
7 --- ---


Turn off write permission for others:

umask 002		Produces file permission

Turn off all permissions for group and others:

umask 077		Produces file permission

Note that you can omit leading zeroes.

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