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spell [options ] [files ]

Compare the words of one or more named files with the system dictionary and report all misspelled words. System files for spell reside in /usr/lib/spell .



Check for British spelling.


Ignore files included with the nroff or troff .so request. No effect if deroff is unavailable.


Follow all included files (files named in .so or .nx requests); default is to ignore files that begin with /usr/lib .


Include words that are derived from dictionary list but are not literal entries.


Show every possible word stem (on standard error).

+ wordlist

Use the sorted wordlist file as a local dictionary to add to the system dictionary; words in wordlist are not treated as misspelled.


Run the first pass of spell :

spell file1 file2 > jargon

After editing the jargon file, use it as a list of special terms. The second pass of spell produces genuine misspellings:

spell +jargon file[12] > typos

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