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sdiff [options ] file1 file2

Produce a side-by-side comparison of file1 with file2 . Output is:

text text

Identical lines.

text <

Line that exists only in file1 .

> text

Line that exists only in file2 .

text | text

Lines that are different.



List only lines of file1 that are identical.

-o outfile

Send identical lines of file1 and file2 to outfile ; print line differences and edit outfile by entering, when prompted, the following commands:


Edit an empty file.

e b

Edit both left and right columns.

e l

Edit left column.

e r

Edit right column.


Append left column to outfile.


Exit the editor.


Append right column to outfile.


Silent mode; do not print identical lines.


Turn off "silent mode."


Do not print identical lines.

-w n

Set line length to n (default is 130).


Show differences using 80 columns and ignore identical lines:

sdiff -s -w80 list.1 list.2

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