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/usr/java/bin/rmic [options ] classes

Solaris only. Remote Method Invocation compiler for Java. rmic takes the fully package-qualified class names and generates skeleton and stub class files to provide remote method invocation. The class must have previously been successfully compiled with java .

For a method WhizImpl in class whiz , rmic creates two files, WhizImpl_Skel.class and WhizImpl_Stub.class . The "skeleton" file implements the server side of the RMI; the "stub" file implements the client side.


-classpath path

Use path as the search path for class files, overriding $CLASSPATH . path is a colon-separated list of directories.

-d dir

Place the generated files in dir .


Recompile missing or out-of-date class files referenced from other class files, not just from source code.


Generate debugging tables with line numbers. With -O , also generate information about local variables.


Keep the generated .java source files for the skeletons and the stubs.


Disable all warnings.


Perform optimizations that may produce faster but larger class files. It may also slow down compilation. This option should be used with discretion.


Use the GUI for the RMI compiler to enter class names.


Print messages as files are compiled and loaded.

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