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rcp [options ] sources target

Copy files between machines. Both sources and target are filename specifications of the form host : pathname , where host : can be omitted for a file on the local machine. If no pathname is included in target , source files are placed in your home directory. If you have a different username on the remote host, specify the form username @ hostname : file . See also ssh .



Preserve in copies the modification times, access times, and modes of the source files.


If target and sources are both directories, copy each subtree rooted at source . Bear in mind that both symbolic and hard links are copied as real files; the linking structure of the original tree is not preserved.


Copy the local files junk and test to your home directory on machine hermes :

rcp junk test hermes:

Copy the local bin directory and all subdirectories to the /usr/tools directory on machine diana :

rcp -r /bin diana:/usr/tools

Copy all files in your home directory on machine hera , and put them in local directory /home/daniel with times and modes unchanged:

rcp -p "hera:*" /home/daniel

Quote the first argument to prevent filename expansion from occurring on the local machine.

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