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/usr/ccs/bin/prof [options ] [object_file ]

Display the profile data for an object file. The file's symbol table is compared with profile file mon.out (created by programs compiled with cc -p ). Choose only one of the sort options -a , -c , -n , or -t . See also gprof and lprof .



List output by symbol address.


List output by decreasing number of calls.


Demangle C++ symbol names. Solaris only.


Include nonglobal (static) function symbols (invalid with -l ).


Suppress the report heading.


Exclude nonglobal function symbols (the default). Invalid with -g .

-m pf

Use pf as the input profile file instead of mon.out .


List by symbol name.


Show addresses in octal (invalid with -x ).


Print a summary on standard error.


List by decreasing total time percentage (the default).


Print version information on standard error.


Show addresses in hexadecimal (invalid with -o ).


Include zero usage calls.

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