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od [options ] [file ] [[+] offset [. | b ]]

Octal dump; produce a dump (normally octal) of the named file . file is displayed from its beginning, unless you specify an offset (normally in octal bytes). In the following options, a "word" is a 16-bit unit.


-A base

Indicate how the offset should be written. Values for base are d for decimal, o for octal, x for hexadecimal, or n for no offset. Solaris only.


Display bytes as octal.


Display bytes as ASCII.


Interpret bytes as characters based on the setting of LC_CTYPE . Solaris only.


Display words as unsigned decimal.


Display 32-bit words as unsigned decimal.


Display 32-bit words as floating point.


Display 64-bit words as extended precision.

-j skip

Jump over skip bytes from the beginning of the input. skip can have a leading 0 or 0x for it to be treated as an octal or hexadecimal value. It can have a trailing b , k , or m to be treated as a multiple of 512, 1024, or 1,048,576 bytes. Solaris only.

-N count

Process up to count input bytes. Solaris only.


Display words as unsigned octal (the default).


Display 32-bit words as unsigned octal.


Display words as signed decimal.


Display 32-bit words as signed decimal.

-t type_string

Specify one or more output types. See the section "Type Strings." Solaris only.


Verbose; show all data. Duplicate lines print as *.


Display words as hexadecimal.


Display 32-bit words as hexadecimal.


Required before offset if file isn't specified.

Modifiers for offset


offset value is decimal.


offset value is 512-byte blocks.

Type Strings

Type strings can be followed by a decimal number indicating how many bytes to process.


ASCII named characters (e.g., BEL for \007 )


Single- or multibyte characters

d , o , u , x

Signed decimal, unsigned octal, decimal, and hexadecimal


Floating point

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