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/usr/ccs/bin/mcs [options ] files

Manipulate the comment section. mcs adds to, compresses, deletes, or prints a section of one or more ELF object files . The default section is .comment . If any input file is an archive, mcs acts on each component file and removes the archive symbol table (unless -p was the only option specified). Use ar s to regenerate the symbol table. Use of mcs -d can significantly decrease the size of large executables, often saving considerable disk space. At least one option must be supplied.


-a string

Append string to the comment section of files .


Compress the comment section of files and remove duplicate entries.


Delete the comment section (including header).

-n name

Act on section name instead of .comment .


Print the comment section on standard output.


Print the version of mcs on standard error.


mcs -p kernel.o

	Print the comment section of kernel.o

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