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login [options ]

Sign on and identify yourself to the system. At the beginning of each terminal session, the system prompts you for your username and, if relevant, a password. The options aren't normally used.

The Korn shell and the C shell have their own, built-in versions of login . See Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 for more information.



Sign on as user (instead of being prompted).

-d tty

Specify the pathname of the tty that serves as the login port.

-h host [term ]

Used for remote logins via telnet to indicate the login is from host host and that the user's terminal type is term . Solaris only.


Pass the current environment to the new login session. Solaris only.

-r host

Used for remote logins via rlogin to indicate the login is from host host . Solaris only.

var = value

When specified after the username, assign a value to one or more environment variables. PATH and SHELL can't be changed.


Pass values into the environment. Each value that does not contain an = is assigned to a variable of the form L n , where n starts at 0 and increments. Solaris only.

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