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/usr/ccs/bin/lint [options ] files

Detect bugs, portability problems, and other possible errors in the specified C programs. By default, lint uses definitions in the C library llib-lc.ln . If desired, output from .c files can be saved in "object files" having a .ln suffix. A second lint pass can be invoked on .ln files and libraries for further checking. lint also accepts the cc options -D , -I , and -U . It may accept additional cc options that are system-specific. See also Checking C Programs with lint , which is listed in the Bibliography. Note: this command checks programs written in ANSI C; use /usr/ucb/lint if you want to check programs written in pre-ANSI C. Note also that options -a , -b , -h , and -x have exactly the opposite meaning in the versions for BSD and System V.



Ignore long values assigned to variables that aren't long .


Ignore break statements that cannot be reached.


Don't execute the second pass of lint ; save output from first pass in .ln files. (Same as BSD -i option.)


Print files using full pathname, not just the filename.


Don't test for bugs, bad style, or extraneous information.


Reenable warnings that are normally suppressed by directive /* LINTED [message ] */ , and print the additional message (if specified).

-L dir

Search for lint libraries in directory dir before searching standard directories.

-l x

Use library llib-l x .ln in addition to llib-lc.ln.


Ignore extern declarations that could be static .


Do not check for compatibility.

-o lib

Create a lint library named llib-l. lib .ln from the output of the first pass of lint .


Check for portability to variants of C.

-R file

Place .ln output (from a .c file) in file , for use by cxref .


Produce short (one-line) diagnostics.


Ignore functions or external variables that are undefined or unused.


Ignore unused arguments within functions; same as specifying the directive /* ARGSUSED */ .


Print product name and release on standard error.

-W file

Same as -R , except file is prepared for cflow .


Ignore unused variables referred to by extern declarations.


Same as using the directive /* LINTLIBRARY */ , which is the same as supplying options -v and -x .

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