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/usr/ccs/bin/lex [options ] [files ]

Generate a lexical analysis program (named lex.yy.c ) based on the regular expressions and C statements contained in one or more input files . See also yacc and lex & yacc , which is listed in the Bibliography.



file 's program statements are in C (default).


Handle EUC (Extended Unix Code, i.e., 8-bit) characters. Mutually exclusive with -w . This gives yytext[] type unsigned char . Solaris only.


Suppress the output summary.

-Q c

Print version information in lex.yy.c (if c = y ) or suppress information (if c = n , the default).


Write program to standard output, not lex.yy.c .


Print a summary of machine-generated statistics.


Print version information on standard error.


Handle EUC (8-bit or wider) characters. Mutually exclusive with -e . This gives yytext[] type wchar_t . Solaris only.

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