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/usr/java/bin/javap [options ] classfiles

Solaris only. Disassemble Java class files and print the results. By default, javap prints the public fields and methods of the named classes.



Ignored. For backward compatibility with the JDK 1.1 javap .


Print out the disassembled byte-codes for each method in the given classes.

-classpath path

Use path as the search path for class files, overriding $CLASSPATH . path is a colon-separated list of directories.


Generate code that can be used in a C header file.

-J option

Pass option directly to java .


Display line number and local variable information.


Only disassemble package, protected and public classes and members. This is the default.


Disassemble all classes and members.


Only disassemble protected and public classes and members.


Only disassemble public classes and members.


Display the internal type signatures.


For each method, print the stack size, number of arguments, and number of local variables.


Run the Java verifier.


Print the version of javap .

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