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/usr/java/bin/jar [options ] [manifest ] dest files

Solaris only. Java archive tool. All the named objects and directory trees (if directories are given) are combined into a single Java archive, presumably for downloading. jar is based on the ZIP and ZLIB compression formats; zip and unzip can process .jar files with no trouble. If a manifest is not provided, jar creates one automatically. The manifest becomes the first entry in the archive, and it contains any needed metainformation about the archive.

Usage is similar to tar , in that the leading - may be omitted from the options.



Create a new or empty archive to standard output.


The second argument, dest , is the archive to process.


Use specified manifest instead of creating a manifest file.


Don't create a manifest file.


Don't compress the files with ZIP compression.


Print a table of contents for the archive on standard output.


Produce verbose output to standard error.

-x [file ]

Extract named file , or all files if no file given.

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