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finger [options ] users

Display data about one or more users , including information listed in the files .plan and .project in user 's home directory. You can specify each user either as a login name (exact match) or as a first or last name (display information on all matching names). Networked environments recognize arguments of the form user @ host and @ host . (Today, many systems on the Internet disallow connections from finger requests.)



Omit user's home directory and shell from display.


Used with -s to omit heading that normally displays in short format.


Omit .project file from display.


Show "idle" format, a terse format (like -s ).


Force long format (default).


users must match usernames exactly, instead of also searching for a match of first or last names.


Omit .plan file from display.


Show "quick" format, the tersest of all (requires an exact match of username).


Show short format.


Used with -s to omit user's full name that normally displays in short format.

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