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eject [options ] [media ]

Solaris only. Eject removable media, such as a floppy disk or CD-ROM. Necessary for media being managed by vold , or for media without an eject button, such as the floppy drives on Sun SPARC systems. media is either a device name or a nickname, such as floppy or cdrom .

With volume management available, eject unmounts any filesystems mounted on the named media . In this case, it also displays a pop-up dialog if a window system is running. Without volume management, it simply sends an "eject" command to the given device.



Print the name of the default device to be ejected.


When volume management is not in effect, force the eject, even if the device is busy.


Display the list of nicknames and their corresponding real devices.


Do not use a windowing pop-up dialog.


Query to see if the device has media. Use the exit status to determine the answer.

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