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/usr/lib/lp/postscript/download [options ] [files ]

Add a font to the beginning of one or more PostScript files . By adding a font name directly to a PostScript specification, this command can make additional fonts available when printing a PostScript file. download determines which fonts to add by processing PostScript comments that begin with %%DocumentFonts: , followed by a list of PostScript font names. download loads the fonts whose names are listed in a map table. This table links PostScript names with the system file that contains the font definition. A map table for the Times font family might look like:

Times-Bold	times/bold
Times-Italic	times/italic
Times-Roman	times/roman

Filenames that begin with a slash are used verbatim. Otherwise, they are taken to be relative to the host font directory.



Read the standard input.


Search the entire PostScript file instead of just the header comments. Header comments such as %%DocumentFonts: (atend) redirect download to the end of the file. Use this option when such comments aren't present.

-H fontdir

Use fontdir as the directory in which font-definition files are searched (default is /usr/lib/lp/postscript ).

-m table

Use map table specified by file table . A leading / in table indicates an absolute pathname; otherwise (as in the previous option), the filename is appended to the fontdir specified by -H . Without -H , the default is /usr/lib/lp/postscript .

-p printer

Normally, download loads fonts that reside on the host machine. With this option, download first checks for fonts that reside on printer (by looking at /etc/lp/printers/ printer /residentfonts ).

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