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diffmk oldfile newfile markedfile

A useful program for reviewing changes between drafts of a document. diffmk compares two versions of a file (oldfile and newfile ) and creates a third file (markedfile ) that contains troff "change mark" requests. When markedfile is formatted with nroff or troff , the differences between the two files are marked in the margin (via the .mc request). diffmk uses a | to mark changed lines and a * to mark deleted lines. Note that change marks are produced even if the changes are inconsequential (e.g., extra blanks, different input line lengths).


To run diffmk on multiple files, it's convenient to set up directories in which to keep the old and new versions of your files, and to create a directory in which to store the marked files:


Move your old files to OLD and your new files to NEW . Then use this rudimentary Bourne shell script:

$ cat do.mark

for file
   echo "Running diffmk on $file ..."
   diffmk ../OLD/$file $file ../CHANGED/$file

You must run the script in the directory of new files:

$ cd NEW

$ do.mark Ch*

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