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cp [options ] file1 file2
cp [options ] files directory

Copy file1 to file2 , or copy one or more files to the same names under directory . If the destination is an existing file, the file is overwritten; if the destination is an existing directory, the file is copied into the directory (the directory is not overwritten). If one of the inputs is a directory, use the -r option.



Prompt for confirmation (y for yes) before overwriting an existing file.


Preserve the modification time and permission modes for the copied file. (Normally cp supplies the permissions of the invoking user.)


Recursively copy a directory, its files, and its subdirectories to a destination directory , duplicating the tree structure. (This option is used with the second command-line format when at least one of the source file arguments is a directory.) Bear in mind that both symbolic and hard links are copied as real files; the linking structure of the original tree is not preserved.


Copy two files to their parent directory (keep the same names):

cp outline memo ..

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