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chown [options ] newowner [: newgroup ] files

Change the ownership of one or more files to newowner . newowner is either a user ID number or a login name located in /etc/passwd . The optional newgroup is either a group ID number (GID) or a group name located in the /etc/group file. When newgroup is supplied, the behavior is to change the ownership of one or more files to newowner and make it belong to newgroup .

Note: some systems accept a period as well as the colon for separating newowner and newgroup . The colon is mandated by POSIX; the period is accepted for compatibility with older BSD systems.



Force error messages to be suppressed.


Change the owner on symbolic links. Normally, chown acts on the file referenced by a symbolic link, not on the link itself. (This option is not necessarily available on all Unix systems.)


Recursively descend through the directory, including subdirectories and symbolic links, resetting the ownership ID.

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