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checknr [options ] [files ]

Solaris only. Check nroff /troff source files for mismatched delimiters and unknown commands. It also checks for macros that come in open/close pairs, such as .TS and .TE . With no files , checks the standard input.

checknr works best when input is designed for its conventions: \fP always ends a font change, and \s0 always restores a point-size change. checknr knows about the me and ms macros.


-a macros

Add new pairs of macros that come in open/close pairs. The six characters representing the new macros must immediately follow the -a , e.g., -a.PS.PE for the pic macros.

-c commands

Don't complain that the given commands are undefined. String the command names together, as in -a . Useful if you have your own macro package.


Ignore inline font changes (\f ).


Ignore inline point-size changes (\s ).

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