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Control more than one shell (layer) from a single terminal. From the shl prompt level, you can issue the commands listed below (abbreviating them to any unique prefix if desired). The name text string should not exceed eight characters. See also layers .

block name [name2 ... ]

Block the output for each layer name (same as stty loblk ).

create [name ]

Create the layer name (no more than seven total).

delete name [name2 ... ]

Delete the layer name .

help or ?

Provide shl command syntax.

layers [-l ] [name ... ]

Print information about layers. -l provides a ps -like display.


Make layer name be the current level.


Exit shl and kill all the layers.

resume [name ]

Return to latest layer or to layer name .


Flip back to the previous layer.

unblock name [name2 ... ]

Do not block output for each layer name (same as stty -loblk ).

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